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Friday, May 11, 2012


Oh goodness, I hope Da-da-da-dum are the words one utters when ready to give exciting news!   Is it?  You know, like when we were kids (or not!) trying to grab attention to show or say something special-  DA-DA-DA-DUM!  Maybe I should stick to "Blog Roll, please."  That's blog talk for "Drum Roll, please."  But now that sounds like I am sticking my chest out in pride.  Which in a way I am, although I don't want you to know that is what I am doing!  I want to appear humble!  You know exactly what I am saying, right?  There I go, being silly again.  True to my nicknames of Silly Sissy and Goof Ball!  Enough of that as I do have lots of exciting news to tell you.  Much has happened this week !  Here we go:

I was shocked to find that I had been picked for Joanna Sheen's Daily Talent Spot!  I hadn't been to Joanna's site on Sunday and only learned the news via email from a friend!  I was and still am delighted.  Gosh, things like that just makes a craftt-er feel so good.  Then right after that these next two things happened like bam, bam!  I received an email from Made Especially for You with a badge for being a Top 3 winner!  Climbing Up, Mate really climbed!  Then I get another email that I had won blog candy from Alyce at Kit and Clowder!  What a day Sunday was!  I'm so happy that Climbing Up was liked so much.  And Paul, over at Crafty Bloglocks, shared that wonderful Teepee card tutorial.  Come down to it though, and it was that cute lil' Koala from Gingerloft that made this card so popular- who can resist him?  So yes, I am proud.  But also very humbled because I have so far to go as a card-maker.  Sure are some talented people out there in our circle.  I am grateful for them.  A huge thank you to Joanna Sheen, Made Especially for You, Crafty Bloglocks and Kit and Clowder!  And thank you all who took the time to peek at my cards, make comments, and also become new followers.  You are all so kind.  Those things mean so very much.  What a week!  

I have one last thing to share...I made the Design Team for ATC's & Cards with Attitude and it's sister site, Fat Pages & Cards with Attitude! I am so, so thrilled and excited!  These two challenge sites are the BEST!  The Design Team is out of this world!  (I have a very, very long way to go compared to these ladies, that is for sure.  Such talent and inspiration for you and me!) Our sponsors are all the one's you've grown to love- Saturated Canary, Fresh Brewed Designs,  Meljens, Stitchy Bear, Limited Runs, Anita's; these are but a few of our wonderful sponsors!  You have GOT to get over to this challenge blog!  I'll be posting an ATC card in a little bit and explaining just what an ATC and Fat Page is.  But don't let those names scare you away, just make your fantastic cards like you always do (or try an ATC/Fat Page!) and link up to the fortnight challenge.  You'll love it there.  Promise!



  1. Wow, congratulations! You deserve it.

  2. I'm exhausted just reading all your accomplishments!....haaa!
    Can't say how pleased I am for you....go girl!

  3. WOW!! No wonder you get tired my sweet...I'm exhausted just reading about it..congratulations...your talent got you to where you are, not luck...keep going.. you are fabulous..

    Luv CHRISSYxx


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