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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Marina and the Pearl

Hello again!
Twice in one day!  What a pleasure to talk with you!  I have a Fat Page card to show you.   This is Marina from Delicious Doodles.  Delicious Doodles is our sponsor for Challenge 14, this week at Fat Pages and Cards with Attitude.  Isn't she something?   I am amazed at the detail and beauty of this image.  Don't you think she is lovely?  I sure hope that pearl doesn't entice her to bite that feather fishing lure!

Marina was colored with Prisma Pencils and OMS.  I used green glitter pen in her hair and scattered some green gems.  The feather fishing lure is from my hubby's fishing box!  I attached it with fishing line and a few fishing weights, also from hubby's fishing gear!  The pearl is a large bead I had in my stash.  I paper-pieced a few fish to add dimension, also using green raffia for seaweed.  On her fin and coral front, I used a clear stardust gel pen.  Knotted some twine and glued it in place along the left side.  I mounted all on a die cut sent from a dear friend.  This is a true 4x4 Fat Page but you could use this image in any way you chose.  I think she is the loveliest of images I have ever colored.  Thank you, Delicious Doodles!

On my previous post, I mentioned that this weeks challenge, #14,  will end May 31st, running for one week only.  The theme is Anything Goes!  On June 1st we will go back to our every 2 weeks, with winners and a new challenge announced on Fridays.  Please take a moment and read the post just before this one as there is important news for you that you won't want to miss!  I don't think you want me to repeat the same thing so I'll leave it to you to check it out!

I sure hope you''ll join us this week at Card's with Attitude, and also enter your project in our sister challenge, ATC's & Cards with Attitude.  Just a little note to urge you to read the previous post, we have started a Top 3!  And we have new badges!  It is an exciting time at Cards with Attitude!  I hope you will join us!

My best to you all on Memorial Day.  Create some fond memories!  I realized how important they are.  Monday will be a special day for me.  OH, thank you so much to my new followers!  I am glad to meet you!  Talk soon.

Your friend,

Mushy House

Here is Mushy House!  This cutie of an image is from Anita's Digital Designs, one of our ATC's and Cards with Attitude sponsors (our other sponsor is Saturated Canary!).

For this challenge, I made a true ATC.  Remember they measure 2.5x3.5, but you can do anything you would like- a card, an ATC, or a card ATC!  And you don't even have to use our sponsor images, but it would be nice of you.  Last weeks winner of digis from Fresh Brewed Designs is #46, Rina Fashionista.  Congrats, Rina!

I colored this Mushy House up on vellum with Prisma Pencils and OMS, showing the penciled side of the vellum.  Then I added a little Fisher's punch top border and 3 handmade roses made out of DP.  On the rose, I stuck wire up through the middle and added a little "cone" at the tip (you know that single piece that is left over from making roses.)  I added some clouds by using a template and masking and sponging them in with chalk ink. Then I colored in the  rest of the background, and foreground, finishing off with white gel pen dots for flowers.  There are some pink pencil flowers mixed in there too.  Topped off the roses with a butterfly decorated with tiny pearls.  (Very special butterfly sent to me by a very special friend!) That's all I did!  With this image being so adorable, it makes a very nice focal point without much fuss.  Do you agree?  You could take the ATC from here and make it into a card, adding some scallop edging and ribbon?  Another backing of vellum on some cool DP?  It would turn out great!

Mushy House is my Design Team entry for Challenge 14, ATC's Cards with Attitude, Anything Goes!  Please read on as we have exciting and important news for you!

Important ATC's and Cards with Attitude News

Challenge 14 will last for one week only, ending May 31st.  Beginning with Challenge 15, Friday, June 1st, we will be back to our every fortnight (every 2 weeks).

TOP 3!  TOP 3!  TOP 3!    Yes, we are starting Top 3 winners picked by the Design Team!  Isn't that the greatest?  So this next challenge will have Top 3 winners plus the digi winners!  

This is the best challenge site ever!  Top 3's and fantastic sponsors with multiple chances to win wonderful digis!  And on top of it all, you can enter your same card in our sister challenge, Fat Pages Card's with Attitude!  Now look at all the chances you have to win!  Very often we have 2-3 sponsors per challenge, so you have even more chances! I think that ATC's and Fat Pages is going to become one of your favorite challenge sites ever!  

We have badges now too!  You can grab a Cards with Attitude badge showing how much you like us, and if a Top 3, you will receive a special Top 3 badge showing you make Cards with Attitude!!  Very exciting things going on at our two challenge sites.  Please come join us, be a part of our growing challenge blog and have some fun!  

Info overload, I'm afraid, so will sign off for now.

Bright spot wishes to you!  I hope your Memorial Day includes fond memories.  I have one on Monday, so please think of me.  It would be very special if I knew you were.  You are all such wonderful people and I am very happy to have gotten to know some of you.  Thank you so much to my new followers!  Let's enjoy ourselves together!






Read on for some great news!


  A true ATC made with a digital image from our sponsor Anita's Digital Designs

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Momma on a Bike!

Hi ya all!
Yep, a late Mom's Day card.  I have a wee little story about this Fat Page.  I had it finished, photographed, and signed, almost ready for today's mail.  This morning, I got up earlier than usual to get a head start on a project.  For some reason, hubby decided to follow.  There was Momma on a Bike, nicely off to the side of my work area.  Well, we had a little accident.  Hubby brought me coffee.  Sweet, huh?  Read on.  Did I say little accident?  Well, it wasn't exactly little.  Of course, trying my hardest to sound kind, I told him it was okay.  I'll figure out something.  And he was sooo sorry, saying things like, "Can't you fix it?"  "Can't you put some leaves or something down there?"  "Wipe it off?"  Coffee down the whole lower half of the card.  I was thinking inside, "Oh, no! Not now!  Of all times!" (Maybe a "Why did you get up so early?") But I remember thinking way back about when kids get in trouble for accidents.  I didn't think it was fair.  After all it was an accident!  And hubby felt so bad.  So, I fussy cut Momma and the flower,  and put her on a different layout.  She was salvageable!  Thank the good Lord for that!  I asked my hubby what he thought of the "new" card, and he answered, "I think it looks better than the first one!"  Had to laugh at that and agree with him!  Now, I am thanking the good Lord for helping me keep a civil tongue and for giving me such a sweet, kind hubby!  I didn't get a jump start on my project, but hey, we still made the morning's mail!  

Coffee card before the coffee

Second Layout

The image is called Nell, I believe, and she was a freebie from Beccky's. (I pretty much CASED Nell. Chrissy's Cardland link is on the side bar.  Love her work.)  When I saw this image the first thing that came to mind was "Momma!"  A sweet memory of my Mom on a bike, maybe I should say, trying to ride a bike!  Very precious memory.  Colored her up with Prisma Pencils.  Sentiment is from Digi Downloads.  Die cut from a special friend.

Thanks for taking a peek!  Make sure you have all your work moved out of the way the next time someone brings you something to drink!  Wishing you bright spots in your day-lots of them!


Saturday, May 12, 2012


Just what is an ATC and Fat Page?

ATC stands for Artist Trading Card.  They are miniature works of art that measure 3.5" X 2.5", about the size of a baseball card.  During the 1960's, ATC's became a popular way to advertize an artist's work by handing out these small "cards," with signature on the back.  They are made up of many different types of media, such as watercolors, oils, metal, collage, found objects, pencils,  and paper,  to name a few.  You can see why an ATC is perfect for card making!  

Fat Pages, also called Chunky Pages, measure 4" x 4", and can also be made up of any medium.  The fun thing about a Fat Page is the decorating.  In fact, the more elaborate the better!

Don't ATC's and Fat Pages sound fun?  Something a little different than our usual card making.  But read on!

About our challenge blogs.   
Basically, we are a card challenge blog but we've added an optional twist for you to try!  We have ATC's and Cards with Attitude, and our sister challenge, Fat Pages and Cards with Attitude.   So that means you can make your standard card (any size), an ATC, a Fat Page, an ATC card (using a 3.5 X 2.5 image), or a Fat Page card (4x4).  But wouldn't it be fun to make an ATC, sign the back, and display your work on a small easel for all to see? Or send a Fat Page as a gift?  The possibilities are endless!  

Our challenges are every fortnight, on Fridays.  Sometimes we will have a theme, but very often we are Anything Goes.  We have fantastic sponsors, so you will have a chance at winning great digital images.  So come on, make a CARD WITH ATTITUDE, and link up to our challenge blogs!    

Below is my example of an ATC Card.  The image is from our current ATC sponsor, Fresh Brewed Designs.  Does Flower Child bring back any memories for you?  Sure did me!  FBD has fantastic digis, really groovy.  I hope you check them out.  The only thing of note about this card is that I made the circle/flower scallops using circles cut from a small punch.  Flower Child is colored with Prisma Pencils and the paper is from my stash.  She was so fun to color.  I hope you like her!  Only thing is, I forgot to add a flower to her hair.

I'll sign off now and hope to see you around ATC's and Fat Pages.  Have a "far out" weekend! 


Friday, May 11, 2012


Oh goodness, I hope Da-da-da-dum are the words one utters when ready to give exciting news!   Is it?  You know, like when we were kids (or not!) trying to grab attention to show or say something special-  DA-DA-DA-DUM!  Maybe I should stick to "Blog Roll, please."  That's blog talk for "Drum Roll, please."  But now that sounds like I am sticking my chest out in pride.  Which in a way I am, although I don't want you to know that is what I am doing!  I want to appear humble!  You know exactly what I am saying, right?  There I go, being silly again.  True to my nicknames of Silly Sissy and Goof Ball!  Enough of that as I do have lots of exciting news to tell you.  Much has happened this week !  Here we go:

I was shocked to find that I had been picked for Joanna Sheen's Daily Talent Spot!  I hadn't been to Joanna's site on Sunday and only learned the news via email from a friend!  I was and still am delighted.  Gosh, things like that just makes a craftt-er feel so good.  Then right after that these next two things happened like bam, bam!  I received an email from Made Especially for You with a badge for being a Top 3 winner!  Climbing Up, Mate really climbed!  Then I get another email that I had won blog candy from Alyce at Kit and Clowder!  What a day Sunday was!  I'm so happy that Climbing Up was liked so much.  And Paul, over at Crafty Bloglocks, shared that wonderful Teepee card tutorial.  Come down to it though, and it was that cute lil' Koala from Gingerloft that made this card so popular- who can resist him?  So yes, I am proud.  But also very humbled because I have so far to go as a card-maker.  Sure are some talented people out there in our circle.  I am grateful for them.  A huge thank you to Joanna Sheen, Made Especially for You, Crafty Bloglocks and Kit and Clowder!  And thank you all who took the time to peek at my cards, make comments, and also become new followers.  You are all so kind.  Those things mean so very much.  What a week!  

I have one last thing to share...I made the Design Team for ATC's & Cards with Attitude and it's sister site, Fat Pages & Cards with Attitude! I am so, so thrilled and excited!  These two challenge sites are the BEST!  The Design Team is out of this world!  (I have a very, very long way to go compared to these ladies, that is for sure.  Such talent and inspiration for you and me!) Our sponsors are all the one's you've grown to love- Saturated Canary, Fresh Brewed Designs,  Meljens, Stitchy Bear, Limited Runs, Anita's; these are but a few of our wonderful sponsors!  You have GOT to get over to this challenge blog!  I'll be posting an ATC card in a little bit and explaining just what an ATC and Fat Page is.  But don't let those names scare you away, just make your fantastic cards like you always do (or try an ATC/Fat Page!) and link up to the fortnight challenge.  You'll love it there.  Promise!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bluejeans and Ice Cream Birthday!

Hello all!
I hope this finds you doing well today.  I really don't care to open a post by saying, "I hope you are doing well," but I can't think of another way to start politely.  Some of us aren't doing well.  So for you, I hope things take a turn for the better and that you see some tiny little bright spots in your day.  Even if only teeny-weeny bright spots, so you will know there is hope.  And what a good way to brighten our day but to make something with our own hands!  Use our imaginations! Borrow some imagination from others if you have none, as my Daddy use to say!  I'm sure they won't mind!  

On to the post...sort of like On to the Races!  Oh dear, I better stop while still ahead and just post my card!  Here she is, Bluejeans and Ice Cream:

Bluejeans was made for my sister-in-law in sunny (not lately) California.  Her favorite ice cream is Cookies & Creme, thus the ice cream color.  She also has black hair.  Of course my hubby wanted black hair on the Birthday Girl's card, to match his sister.  I was thinking inside my head, OH NO!  NOT BLACK HAIR!  While sweetly asking him, "Are you sure"?  So there you go, my first attempt at black hair.  I hope it has a little life to it.  It sort of looks like it came out of a box of hair coloring!  The only thing about this card that is different is that I used a win from Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps and she was holding a box of Kleenex.  I covered the Kleenex with a leaf spray and bouquet of flowers, attaching beads to the centers.  Bluejeans is colored with Prisma pencils.  The paisley paper is from The Paper Studio, the other two are from Stampin' Up.  The lace and brads were a gift.  I took the layout  from Sketches By Carly.  

Off to get this ready to post-- in the mail, I mean, as it is late already!  Ugh!  Don't like it when I send out late birthday cards.  Hopefully, by being late, she will know how special she is that we would still think of her and her birthday even a week... or two, later!  See you all in a few days!