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Friday, February 1, 2013

Ashee (heart) You!

Oh yeah, Ashee (heart) you very much!   It seems soooo long since we visited each other at the Emerald Faeries Challenge Forest.  A whole month!  We are going to monthly challenges now, a least for awhile.  The A & T Challenge is also going monthly (I said "going monthly," not "going postal!") and will be running the 10th of each month 

Our theme for EF February will be...wanna guess?  Did you guess LOVE?  After all, February is the LOVE month!  So grab an Emerald Faeries Fairy, or your favorite love digi, and come join us for a month of love.

Here is A & T Emerald Faeries' "Ashee" on a heart, well, on a bunch of hearts!

Here is a closer look at Ashee:  
He/She is so sweet.  A very nice image to color, too.  He is originally on top of a mushroom but I cut him off of that and added an extra set of wingsColored with those Prisma Pencils again; the hearts and frame are from my BFF, the rest of the cuts are from my new BigKick...gosh, I "love" that thing!  The "love" metal word piece is a Tim Holtz product.  I also draped a fiber (BFF) in and out of the cuts.   

I hope you like Ashee and I hope to see you at Emerald Faeries Challenge this month!  I bet you will be making a few Valentines, so come pop them on our challenge blog and win yourself a few Emerald Faeries of your own, or what I like best, a Top 3 spot!

See you soon with a few more challenge cards.  I have exciting news coming March 3rd, but I am staying hush on it till then!

Thank you, thank you to my new followers!  I love it when I see that someone enjoys what I have made and maybe get some inspiration, too.  I love looking at what you have made, your artwork, and I get inspired for sure.

Bye bye for now.  You have a whole month to find me a Bright Spot!




  1. Fantastic design Manderly, gorgeous wee fairy and colouring,love all the details, the little frame around Ashee, looks fabulous.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  2. thats wonderful... ♥ ... xoxo Barbara

  3. This is gorgeous :) and the fairy is just adorable xx


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