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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kicked off of Route 66 and a Birthday Picture!

How are you?  I wish that when I ask "How Are You", that I could have an answer!   Being on a Design Team, I see many of your creations each week and I often is this person?  Or say to goodness, she/he is so creative!  But the computer gets in the way of really knowing someone yet at the same time, we wouldn't have the opportunity to meet each other if not for it!  Quite a conundrum, huh?  Being silly again so I better get on to the the good stuff.  Well, I hope it's good stuff!

Here is my hubby's birthday picture.  The image is called Music Man Joey by Anne Fenton.  I believe I picked up the image as a freebie from the Outlawz site.  Anne is so very talented.  I placed Joey on a background scene by Spyder.  Another freebie from a super talented lady.  Soyder has the greatest freebies on Wednesdays and often has a game going to find the image.  Super fun and well worth it!

Joey is colored with Prisma Pencils then cut out.  Pop dotted him onto the background, put him a frame, and voila!  Hubby's Birthday Gift!  I chose this image because it reminded me of the stories I hear my hubby tell of when he was a small boy.  He comes from a very musical family.  Old style musical.  You know, the kind where the whole family sat around on a Saturday night playing their guitars and singing.  My hubby's Dad could even play the "harp", (harmonica) while playing the guitar!  I'm told he sounded just like Merle Haggard.  I so wish I was there.  Anyway, this is how I have my hubby pictured in my mind of when he was a kid.  I hope you like him.

And even though I can't hear you or even see you when you read this, I DO pray that whatever is going on in your life, that you find peace and wisdom.  And that you can sit and create something for someone else to see.  It really will brighten their day, too.  You brighten mine.  Thank you to my new followers!  I am always so pleasantly surprised!  I scan over your picture and see your names.  As soon as I catch up from the Route 66 trip, I plan on visiting each of your sites.  I just know you have beautiful creations and parts of your life to share! 


(PS.  The pic is a little distorted because I shot it with the glass already in place...I think that is a no-no!)


  1. You are so clever to merge, I wish I could do that...gorgeous colouring Manderly, love both images and have used Spyders..such a lovely frame the tiny painted flowers in the grass.
    So glad to have you back off route 66..

    luv CHRISSYxx

  2. aww - how sweet is this? I love it! Love the music he is holding, that for some reason just jumped out at me! :) LOVE IT!!
    Karen C

  3. ohooo how did I miss this, fabulous!!
    Remind me not to forget to post it on my next Spyder has Spyed!! (so you can go and claim your freebie!)


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