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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Update on "Test Run...Larry Fishing"

Hello there!
I don't want poor Larry Fishing getting lost back in the posts, so thought I would give an update on where he is!  He is now on Larry's Mancave wall!  All mounted and framed, just "hanging" around waiting for the right time to make his move.     

And some happy news too...Helene of Alota Stamps has taken Uncle "Don Fishing!" (Store name for this fantastic rubber stamp.)  What I really mean is that she is "using" (poor Larry to be taken advantage of like that) his picture  to spotlight Don Fishing.  EWWW, it made me squeal in delight to see him there.  Thank you, Helene!  You can see Don here in the Alota Bugs Card Gallery.  While you are there, check out Alota's other bugs and stamping categories.  There is such great variety and super cool stamps to be had!

That's it, my UPDATE.  I hope to show Larry in all his glory very soon.  Take time to smell the roses this weekend.  I think I mean get out there and do some gardening.  But who can pull themselves away from creating?  Very hard.  Unless you are a friend who is in winter, then you have a legitimate excuse because you have to stay inside all warm and toasty and dry, so you may as well be crafting!  My very best to you all.

March 21, 2012
Original Post:
Just wanted to share with you my first colored pencil picture.  I am making something out of the image on the right for my 20 year Anniversary...two weeks late!  I couldn't wait to post at least the picture and hear what you have to say about the coloring.  The picture on the right was done on white paper and my second attempt.  The left is on beigy-type and my first try.  I'm not sure if I did the water right.  Or the shading right.  Or anything right for that matter!  Used OMS, Prisma pencils and colorless blender, and an eraser.  I sure enjoyed the coloring and think I have found the medium I like to work with best.  So, I would like your tips, critique, and suggestions, please!  The rubber stamp is a win from Alota Rubber Stamps (thank you, Alota!) named "Don Fishing," renamed "Larry Fishing!"  Larry has loved to fish since he was a little boy and always has a fish story for me.  They never got away!  Sweet, don't you think?  I think maybe Larry would rather have been fishing for the last 20 years! LOL!  I am very blessed to have him.  A big thank you for taking a peek and I hope you are doing OK.  I really mean that!
Bye bye for now!


  1. That is so wonderful for you....huge congratulations...just folowed the link and saw him in all his pride and glory...I think he is fabulous...

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. This is so beautiful! Wonderful job of coloring and I think you did EVERYTHING right.


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